“Authentic. Passionate. Fun”

What other people say about me when I'm coaching, training or speaking will probably be more helpful to you than what I say about me. Here are some recent nuggets…

“Wow, I’ve never heard a speaker quite like you before!”

... this is a phrase I hear a lot after training or speaking. Words like “passionate, funny” and “sincere” usually follow. They are music to my ears. They tell me I’ve made a connection.

This is my intention.

“Intuitive, brave, warm” 

Private coaching clients seem to think I have a knack of cutting through the bull and getting to what’s really happening pretty quickly. 

This is my role, to listen and learn.

So, who am I in my own words...?

I’m a speaker, trainer and coach. “Communication” is my key word. It’s what drives and motivates me in life and the work that I do.

Until my mid 20’s I had a stammer. It was huge. I couldn’t say my name, speak up for myself or have conversations with people...and my confidence was through the floor.

I guess that's the main reason why I love speaking, training and coaching so much. Communicating with others, and helping them communicate better in their personal and professional life is what drives me. It's who I am. My DNA.

Want even more? You got it!

What makes me feel good...

  • My relationship with my partner, Joe. We’ve been together 15 years and it feels great.
  • Music. I was a professional singer for many years, which included a lot of travelling, many late nights, and way too many stories to include here 😉
  • Travel (business and pleasure). Favourite places I’ve visited recently include Thailand, Cambodia, Sweden and the USA. Next up is Malaysia and Australia (can’t wait)!!
  • Books and bookshops - I wrote my first book Get Motivated in my local Borders in 2004, and have spent possibly decades of my life snuggled up with a good book on the sofa in Waterstones Piccadilly since.
  • Football. I support Arsenal Football Club (obviously a serious business - every season as stressful as the last)!!
  • Movies. It’s what Friday nights were invented for!! And if you want to know, I love comedies, drama and the odd thriller. 
  • Socialising. I love spending time with friends, colleagues, and people I meet whether after a training or speaking event, networking - I even talk to people on the tube!!

What makes me feel bad...

  • Arrogant and/or insincere people. Life is too short. The world too small. Move on!!
  • Doing my accounts - even though I hand everything to my accountant, I still get stressed even thinking about it. I tell him I'm "a big picture person," and he says I need to get more organised...
  • Small thinking - giving up on dreams, dumbing down, “fitting in.” As Marianne Williamson wrote in her book, A Return To Love, “we are all meant to shine.” Shining is our life purpose.
  • Waking up early. Even though I can wake up early, and I’m never late…on the day’s I don’t have to it just feels nicer.
  • Dishonesty. By that I mean not living authentically, letting life carry us along and just hoping we’ll arrive somewhere we want to be.

So, that’s me. What about you?

By sharing, I hope we’ve built a connection. If I can be of service as a speaker, trainer or coach get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together. 


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