New Entrepreneurs FoundationThe New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) was co-founded by Oliver Pawle, Lord Davies of Abersoch CBE, Sir Nigel Rudd DL and Dee Stirling in December 2010 to help develop a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will build market-leading businesses and play a key role in driving Britain’s future prosperity.
Each year NEF select around 30 young, aspiring entrepreneurs take part in this 12-month programme which:
  1. A Paid Work Placement.
  2. An Intensive, Immersive and Interactive 10-month Training Fast-Track Programme.
  3. Monthly Speaker & Networking Events.
  4. An Executive Coach.
  5. A Business Mentor.
The British Stammering Association
British Stammering AssociationThe British Stammering Association (BSA) help people of all ages understand their stammer as well as offer support, connection, self-help, therapy and above all a listening ear in the belief that everyone, stammering or not, should live life to the fullest.


Overwhelming evidence shows remarkable results are achieved when working with children less than 5 years. The BSA promotes its Early Intervention Campaign, with the latest project ‘Every Child’s Chance of Fluency’ achieving excellent results across the country.

Every Child’s Chance of Fluency

As an ex-stutterer, and having achieved fluency during his mid 20s, Mike supports the BSA in terms of its beliefs, values and objectives to educate and support those affected by or who stammer.

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The Alzheimer’s Society

Mike’s father lost his battle with Alzheimer’s in 2002.

Because of the nature of the illness and its debilitating effect on both the individual and also those around them Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia still tend to be a taboo subject, one we’d sooner not talk or think about too much…until we have to.

The Alzheimer’s Society work with staff and volunteers providing local information along with over 2,000 services throughout the UK to people affected by dementia.

Local services include day care and home care, as well as support and befriending services to help partners and families cope with the demands of caring. From Alzheimer’s Café’s and innovative ‘singing for the brain’ sessions to memory-book projects and group outings, The Alzheimer’s Society’s services provide practical support and an essential point of human contact.

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