Are You In The Zone?

screen shot of in the zone videoQuick question: how well prepared are you as you walk into a business meeting, standing up to give a presentation, or having just signed-in at a business networking event?

Are you “in the zone?”

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Keeping Life Simple

Some areas of life are more complex than others, right? But have you ever noticed how some people tend to over complicate certain situations when they could be so much more simple; like speaking in front of a group, finding a niche or speciality in business, or even starting a new business?

Come to think of it, have you ever heard yourself making something simple sound more complicated than it needs to be…and perhaps getting lost in the process?

I think we’ve all heard ourselves doing that sometimes :)

Many of my best clients – I call them VIP’s – already have successful businesses and lives. What they want from working with me is to quiet the ‘busyness’ of it all and just get clearget focused, and most importantly get a plan together that will give them the time, energy, and the motivation to achieve the life they want.

After all, success shouldn’t be complicated…it should be simple, right?

What Is A “Great” Presentation?

Presentation secretsSo, what is a great presentation?

Indeed, how to give a great presentation is a question many COACHES, CONSULTANTS and other BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS ask themselves. Indeed, having the ability to captivate an audience is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand AND your business.

What’s In A Great Presentation?

But what makes a good presentation a great presentation? Words like passion, inspiration, and eloquence come to mind, and whilst they’re part of the mix, surely there has to be a little more to it than that.

I believe the components of what makes a good presentation a great presentation runs a little deeper, and thankfully those skills are also all LEARNABLE.

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Does “Fake It Till You Make It” Work?

Fake it till you make it imageDoes “fake it till you make it” work?
It’s a question many new coaches, consultants and speakers ask themselves at the beginning of their career, knowing they need to look confident and professional – even though they might now feel that way yet.
I know, because that used to be me.

So, does “fake it till you make it” actually work?

 …and if it does, what about congruency, ethics and integrity?
Important questions I’ve discussed many times with groups of coaches, consultants and speakers I’ve trained with over the years.

TED Talk

Professor Amy Cuddy, from Harvard Business School, addressed this subject brilliantly during a TEDTalk a little over a year ago.
Amy’s a Social Psychologist, and in the talk she presented very intriguingEVIDENCE to show how “fake it till you make it” actually works. She also shared her own very moving experience of how “fake it till you make it” helped her at the beginning of her career.
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PS: I’ll be filming a new video to unpack what Amy talks about so well in afuture training, so you can use the same presentation techniques to help you grow your business. More news on that next time!!

7 Magic Words For Networking Success

Hot tip imageIf you knew 7 magic words that would increase confidence, catapult your business AND make networking easier, would that be useful?

Sure it would!

Reality Checklist

People buy people BEFORE they buy products of services, and…

People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE  and TRUST (and trust take a while)

The Problem

The above reality check is fine, but many people then face 2 problems, both very common, both what I call “natural human instincts”…and neither very conducive to building a great business.

What problems, I hear you asking:

  1. Insecurity in knowing what to say when meeting new people, e.g. when networking or before a business meeting, and…
  2. Being too wrapped up in their story – whether the “life journey” that brought them to this point (we ALL have one of them!), what happened that day (been “killer” of a day?), or just there view (or even worse – OPINION) of the world!

Now, it’s important to add all three examples listed above are important components of a conversation, and are essential information that the other person you’re meeting will need if they are ever to do business with you…the problem is that they don’t need that (what I call “the whole 9 yards” straight away).

These are problems most of us wouldn’t usually admit to, but ones that can sabotage the success you would otherwise might have  lead to business, or at the very least the possibility of a great new business contact.

So, consider the following scenario: a room full of people, all apparently deep in conversation with each other…which you interpret as meaning everyone obviously knows each other, or at least if that’s not the case they certainly look confident enough to get to know each other easily* (a big assumption, which we’ll come back to later).

You think your problem is that you don’t know what to say…you get nervous, “dive-in” – filling in any intake of breath or pause as a sign you might not be enough.

In a nutshell, you OVER COMPENSATE and find yourself chattering like there’s no tomorrow!

The Solution

But here’s the biggest secret about meeting new people: the subject they LOVE talking about the most is…THEMSELVES!!

Knowing that, the opportunity for you is to (read more…)

An “Epic” Excerpt!!

Epic flatcover imageQuick update to let you know I’ve just uploaded the first part of my latest eBook The Art of Epic Thinking for you to read – no charge, my treat!

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The page will only be “live” for a short time, so if this is for you, make sure you read it before it’s taken down again.
In a nutshell, The Art of Epic Thinking is for you if you’re wanting to play a bigger “inner game” (personal or business) but not sure how or where to begin.
Originally designed as an NLP resource for Coaches, Consultants and Speakers, the overwhelming feedback from people who have read it has been how useful it is for EVERYONE, hence the link today.
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Enjoy :)

The Icing On The Cake

The Icing On The Cake blog post The Icing On The Cake blog postMoney is a subject many people get stuck on, whilst talking with friends, considering fees, or telling a prospective client how much the coaching program will cost them! I call it the icing on the cake syndrome.

But it’s also a syndrome you’re going to have to overcome if you’re ever going to live the rich and successful life you always dreamed of.

When training new coaches and getting to the area of money and fees I pre-frame by calling it “the icing on the cake.” The icing is money – important in life for so many reasons I don’t need to go into here…but the icing is not the cake.

The cake is the reason why we coach – contribution, service, giving, nurturing, assisting, facilitating, helping other’s to grow or have a better experience in their life or business.

That’s the cake…and by making sure you’re the best coach, delivering the best service you can, with honour and integrity…then the icing (the money) will come, but NOT before you bake the cake!

Living A Rich Life

So, as a coach – is it money that will enable you to live a rich life, or does the rich life come first?

Again, it’s a bit like the icing on the cake.

What would tell you that you’re living a rich life? It’s not racking up debt, spending big, or acting “as if” …(you fill in the blank). Instead, it’s about having a big enough ‘why’ – why are you creating the extraordinary life of being a coach?

Of course, many people when asked what living a right life would mean for them, reply, “win the lottery, go on holiday and do nothing.” But that doesn’t sound like living a rich life to me, and I don’t think it would for you, either.


Take a look at how other coaches you perceive as living rich lives, actually live their life, because there’s one characteristic most demonstrate throughout everything they do; purpose.

They all have one.

And here’s the secret: once you know what yours is, The Universe will listen and the icing will come.

Now…enjoy the baking :-)

Coach Marketing Strategy

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New Year Survey

Survey 2014As I think you’ll agree, this New Year looks more promising than the last…the economy seems to be moving, companies seem more confident, and the outlook is one of hope. All good news for small business owners like you and me wanting to grow in 2014, and great news for people wanting to turn their passion into their profession and start their own business.

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New Year, New You?

New Year New YouI hope you had a brilliant Christmas!!

Time To Turn On The Turbo

Whether you’re back to work now for a few days before New Year, or took the whole 2 weeks off, I know that now is the absolute BEST time to really TURBO BOOST your goals for 2014…that’s why I decided to make another quick video and share one of the most powerful “magic dust” goal setting tools in my coaching toolkit – and best of all, it’s FREE again, my gift to you -:)

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