Executive Coaching. Your Secret Weapon.

Executive Coaching is about you reaching your full potential. Understanding what's really going on. Prioritising what you need. Giving you support and developing skills to help you succeed in your career.

Offered by your organisation or undertaken independently, executive coaching is a unique environment amidst pressure, stress and expectation. To focus, achieve and grow. Executive coaching will help you develop greater perspective and decision making ability within your career.

Industry Recognised Accreditation

Mike Blissett Coaching is accredited by The Coaching Academy, the largest coach training organisation in the world. As well as being a member of and accredited by The Coaching Academy since 2003, Mike has also provided coach training for them since 2007, delivering more than 600 days of training to 50,000+ people during that time.

I engaged Mike to work with an employee of the bank in order to help her refocus on her career and personal goals. He earned excellent feedback straightaway and further assignments with the bank. I have received comments about how motivating and encouraging he is to work with.

Mike inspires a great deal of trust and confidence quickly and his experience and passion for his work are obvious. I had no reservations about engaging him in a professional capacity for our business. He has my recommendation.

Wayne Mullen 
Head of Learning and Development, Standard Bank, London

Unique Selling Proposition  

Busy business people are constantly called upon to deliver exceptional results, often at short notice and in high pressure environments. Consequently, executive coaching can help in the following:

  • Speaking to large groups of people and having the ability to "hold the room" whilst presenting a convincing business case.
  • Leading and managing potentially highly charged business meetings, whilst still being expected to deliver "win-win" scenarios for all concerned.
  • Having the ability to engage others in a company and personal vision whilst leading from the front.
  • Motivating, inspiring and communicating a team, or company spirit to all reports. 
  • Delivering great results whilst pushing for even greater career success within an organisation.
  • Remaining calm and effective, especially when dealing with interpersonal or operational disputes and crisis within the department. 

Executive Coaching for Busy People

Above all, Executive Coaching is bespoke. It's tailored to you. One to one. Designed specifically to be the support and catalyst for growth that you need in order to achieve your objectives. It will help you discover how you can:

  • Tap into your core strengths. 
  • Capture your innate ability to become a leader within your organisation.
  • Improve relationships with direct reports, clients and peers.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your core strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover how to maximise your strengths when leading or delegating to others.
  • Rapidly reach your professional and career goals.
  • Increase your personal productivity.
  • Develop a greater ability to communicate, present and listen to business needs, and thus have the ability to meet them better, earlier, more economically.

Mike has been my business coach now for about a year, meeting on a monthly basis. He has been instrumental in areas such as coaching me through my first 100-days with a new company, heading up a sales team, implementing new communication strategies as well as using his vast experience and knowledge of presentation and stage work to help me meet and exceed my targets – so much so that I’ve recently gained a dream promotion within the company.

Mike really does bring all his coaching, presentation and NLP skills to each session. He’s focused, businesslike, and an incredibly nice guy to work with. I thoroughly recommend Mike to anyone thinking of working with a top business and presentation coach.

Gavin Weekes 
Marketing Manager, Willmott Dixon, London

Executive Coaching...In A Nutshell

The Executive Coaching Programme is a process that delivers confidential high-end support for executives and senior people in organisations. It fits perfectly into a busy schedule and is designed to meet your specific needs. It's objective is to increase motivation, offer unbiased and practical support, and comes with the latest tools to help you reach a whole new level of interpersonal and business success.

For more information and to discuss whether the Executive Coaching Programme is right for you and your organisation please click the link below or call 020 8920 0847