What A Voice!

Whilst accepting her awards at the recent Grammys ceremony in LA singer Adele thanked the surgeons that had saved her voice – and you could see she meant it.

Whether in the raucousness of her laughter, the occasional tear shed at the end of a song, or the tendency to talk with the audience with the honesty more associated with friends chatting at home, Adele really does demonstrate an incredible ability to connect with the audience, and in so doing has become one of the most successful artists in the world today.

So what can we learn from Adele that can help us to find our true connection, our true voice?

Someone Like You?

It’s often said how singers wear their hearts on their sleeve, but when Adele’s sings it’s as though she offers a glimpse deep into her soul. Part of the magic is her ability to capture moments of intense emotion, often painful, and to put them into song. When we witness and feel the pain she expresses in songs such as “Someone Like You” even though we didn’t know the guy she’s singing about it’s as though we all know or have known an ex just like him.

One of the attributes of a great leader (which great singers and entertainers undoubtedly become) is the ability to show their vulnerability, to strip emotions to the bone in order to provide a learning (which for Adele is to show she’s “just like us”, that she hurts as well).

But what if Adele’s surgeons had failed? What if she had lost here voice, as Julie Andrews did after failed surgery more than a decade ago? Of course there would be her catalogue of work, but what else might we have never heard in the future?

Divas and Demands

Another part of the Adele’s magic, and partly why she’s so adored around the world, is that she’s appears to be just so normal. She laughs accepting the umpteenth Grammy award apologizing; “Sorry, I’ve got snot on my face” to a live TV audience of millions. In a world full of divas and demands Adele is just who she is; a girl who sings, writes a good song, never wants to become a size zero model “just to fit in”, and admits to getting “a bit mouthy” sometimes. I call that refreshingly normal.

So, what can other artists and creatives learn from Adele, because the reality is behind that smile is an absolute professional, a team, and an organisation that ultimately make it all look effortless?

Beginning here Monday will be a 7 part series looking at the characteristics and strategies Adele has mastered so well that contribute to her success – strategies that if you employed might help you produce a better version of the success you want, too.

Along with blogging here, I’ll also be Tweeting and posting ideas on Tumblr - my new “Business Savvy for Artists & Creatives” website, where you’ll also find video of Adele to savour right now!

Take a look. Enjoy. Let me know your results.

Lights, camera, action!