Working with Mike has enabled me to develop and grow significantly. Mike has an ability to home in on the root issue very quickly. His experience and knowledge means that we worked through some challenging areas with great results. During the time we worked on speaking, presentations, DISC, time management and personal delivery style.

Mike had a lot of relevant insight that helped me to move forwards quickly. This means I was able to identify the key areas early in the sessions and subsequently focus on making some decisions and identifying the right actions to move forwards.

I’m really grateful for being able to work with you Mike. You have helped me to focus and take the next steps to achieving the business and community aims that I’m passionate about achieving. I really appreciated your patience and attentive style, it’s very easy to work with you and I was lucky to gain from your years of experience!

A sincere thank you!

Paula Atherill, Director, IT Company, UK

Just to say that since listening to your webinar a month ago I took your advice about defining my niche.

Since then it’s been much easier to market myself and in the last month alone it’s added $6,500 to my monthly income!

Because of the re-focus in my pitch I can genuinely attribute every cent of that extra income to your advice.

Anyway I thought you’d like to hear the impact it’s had.

Thank you!!

Lucy Counter, Business Coach, San Francisco

“Working with Mike has been one of the best business decisions I have made. By using the strategies he showed me I saw a dramatic increase in both my clients, their  results and the income of my business.

He was a massive help with my signature program “Be Your Own Publicist.”

Thank you, Mike!”

Ryan James Lock, Entrepreneur and PR Expert, Ibiza

“Mike has been my business coach now for about a year, meeting on a monthly basis.

“Mike has been instrumental in areas such as coaching me through my first 100-days with a new company, heading up a sales team, implementing new communication strategies as well as using his vast experience and knowledge of presentation and stage work to help me meet and exceed my targets – so much so that I’ve recently gained a dream promotion within the company.

“Mike really does bring all his coaching, presentation and NLP skills to each session. He’s focused, businesslike, and an incredibly nice guy to work with. I thoroughly recommend Mike to anyone thinking of working with a top business and presentation coach.”

Gavin Weekes, Principle Sales and Marketing Manager for Retail, Willmott Dixon, London


“Mike – just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.

“You are a wonderful person and coach and have been a huge part of the creative journey thus far.

“You will be happy to know I am now writing my script and the ideas are starting to flow.

“I am now ready for my Academy Award that has been waiting for me!”

Lynne Tapper, Author of “Living With Feet Too Big For A Glass Slipper“ and the “It Is What It Is Chronicles,”and Screen Writer, Vancouver 

“Within a few coaching sessions, I was able to move industry which I had been successful in for 12 years.  Mike helped me on the path to progress my career, enabling skills from my previous industry knowledge to be fully utilised.”

“Alongside the career, I have also set up and started a financial plan and have been able to align every part of my life with my future goals and aspirations (health/spiritual/career/money/family/education etc).   Thank you!”

Loic Jones, Sales Consultant, London

“Mike Blissett is my business coach. He is a great listener. He is very supportive and insightful.

“I am a lot more confident about how I am developing my business having discussed my thinking and goals in detail with Mike.

“I will have no hesitation in recommending Mike Blissett to my professional contacts.”

Andy Paterson Jones, Creative Director, New England

“I engaged Mike to work with an employee of the bank in order to help her refocus on her career and personal goals. He earned excellent feedback straightaway and further assignments with the bank. I have received comments about how motivating and encouraging he is to work with.

“Mike inspires a great deal of trust and confidence quickly and his experience and passion for his work are obvious.  I had no reservations about engaging him in a professional capacity for our business.  He has my recommendation.”

Wayne Mullen, Head of Learning & Development, Standard Bank, London

“The final trainer of the event, Mike Blissett, was brilliant, very informative, inspirational, yet to the point’. Fabulous.”

Andrea Fellows, Leeds

“Mike Blissett is an excellent and inspiring trainer and presenter. Very natural, very skilled, and at times very very funny. What an amazing experience. Thank you.”

Tanya Davis, Doncaster

“I’ve coached with Mike as I’ve moved from working for someone else to working for myself and running my own company. The process hasn’t always been easy and the have been plenty of trying times along the way. It’s been vital to have him to check in with and know he’s on the end of a phone if something urgent crops up.

“I’ve known and worked with Mike for over five years, and during that time he has been a great and invaluable support. Mike’s been instrumental in assisting us make some substantial changes in our business, and at all times he’s been there to ensure all has gone well for us and our company.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mike’s work”.

Ewan Lacey, Director Business Confidence, Celebrity Wine Expert Channel 4

“Really good training. Loved Mike. Learnt a great deal throughout all the exercises. Very insightful for the whole team.”

CA, Yorkshire

“Mike was AWESOME! One of the best trainers I’ve ever seen. Wow.”

Frances Dawson, Manchester

“Mike, you are a fantastic trainer!”

Fiona Cooper, London

“Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement over the last 3 months. I really enjoyed our coaching sessions, and the work we’ve done has really brought home the fact that I am in control of my life, and I have the power to change things!”

“I truly feel like I’m in a different place 3 months on, and yes, there may still be things I need to work on, but you’ve equipped me with some valuable tools that will continue to help me on my journey.”

“Wishing you all the best as this year draws to a close, and I will no doubt be in touch next year for my next lot of sessions! ”

Monica Srivastava, Reading

“PS. LOVE the new website!! Always inspirational and a helpful nudge in the right direction. Thanks.”

Jemma Hale, Accounts Manager, The Netherlands

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for taking the time to talk with me. Coaching is both enjoyable and enlightening, and has definitely given me some valuable information. I love the idea of using my marketing skills to move my new business forward, something I’d never even considered before.”

Beverley Johnson, Events Organiser, Coventry

“It was so good to see you at my graduation ceremony. I must say that first you left a very good and lasting impression on me. When I name a few people whom I admire, you bet you are one of them. You are an excellent coach and person, and I’m honoured to have met you. Blessings and kind regards.”

Val Benjamin, personal Coach, Birmingham

“Feedback from coaching session with Mike is as follows:

“Meets and exceeds expectations. Quite informal, which is good. Not too academic, which is also good. Summarised: basic points at end of the session really helped. Website reference good.”

EE, SHell, Lagos, Nigeria

“Could I take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance, and wish you continued success. I have found the experience inspirational, challenging, informative and somewhat entertaining. My sincere thanks for your help.”

Tony Gannon, Business Consultant, Manchester

“It was wonderful working with you; your encouragement, dedication, insightfulness and belief in me really helped me to launch my dream business. Without your help, I truly believe I would still be in the planning stage, hoping and waiting for it to happen. Thank you very much for all your marvellous help.”

Nina Cooke, CEO the Glass Slipper, Essex

“Thanks for taking the time to listen, for helping me to continue to believe in myself, even when the doubts seem to be taking over. I can do & will do all the those wonderful things we have discussed, my destiny is one of greatness, success, abundance, prosperity, joy, peace, happiness, love and so much more … all is well in my world! Thanks again, I will be in touch! Be blessed.”

Dawn Manning, Business Consultant, London

“It was lovely meeting you on Saturday, and I thoroughly enjoyed my 1:1 session with you.”

Karen Fletcher, Business Manager, Yorkshire