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Keeping Life Simple

Some areas of life are more complex than others, right? But have you ever noticed how some people tend to over complicate certain situations when they could be so much more simple; like speaking in front of a group, finding a niche or speciality in … [Read More...]

Presentation secrets

What Is A “Great” Presentation?

So, what is a great presentation? Indeed, how to give a great presentation is a question many COACHES, CONSULTANTS and other BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS ask themselves. Indeed, having the ability to captivate an audience is one of the most powerful … [Read More...]

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Does “Fake It Till You Make It” Work?

Does "fake it till you make it" work? It's a question many new coaches, consultants and speakers ask themselves at the beginning of their career, knowing they need to look confident and professional - even though they might now feel that way … [Read More...]