Motivating. Inspiring. Funny 

Mike is that rare combination of motivational speaker, inspiring storyteller, and engaging entertainer with more than 30 years experience on stage and in show business...but it didn't start out that way.

Speaker Showreel 2017

Mike has a unique story to tell that's both inspiring and packed with ideas useful today.

Overcoming adversity and the importance of great communication skill mastery are just two of the takeaways of Mike's keynote.

...but it began with a little kid who couldn't say his own name.

Sounds ironic, I know.

How could a guy who couldn't even say his name until he was 25 now be a professional speaker without the faintest hint of what came before?

That's the thing.

How overcoming adversity? not being able to speak and in so doing becoming an expert 

The stutterer is a speaker!

Sounds ironic, I know.

How could a guy who stuttered for 25 years now be a professional speaker?

That’s the thing.

I overcame my stutter. I became a professional singer, actor and comedian for the next 20 years. I travelled the world, lived outside the box’ and experienced a life that many people only imagine.

I became a coach and a trainer. And then I became a professional speaker.

Now let me inspire and motivate your people.
Mike Blissett Motivational Speaker 

It’s not the hand you’re dealt, but rather what you do with it that counts - Mike Blissett

What Folks Are Saying

Mike is an excellent and inspiring trainer and presenter. Very natural, skilled and at times very, very funny. What an amazing experience. Thank you.

Tanya Davis, Doncaster

The final speaker of the event, Mike Blissett, was brilliant, very informative, inspirational, yet to the point’. Fabulous.

Andrea Fellows, Leeds

Mike was AWESOME! One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Wow.

Frances Dawson, Manchester

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